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【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---

【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd 4dc8e6bc

【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---

【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---
ビーエムダブリュー StreetGuard (ストリートガード) パンツ BMW (ストリートガード) ビーエムダブリュー StreetGuard BMW パンツ
当店通常価格102061.0000円 (税込)
BMW ビーエムダブリュー (ストリートガード) パンツ StreetGuard

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Fit:Normal product size
Season:Trans-seasonal article
Material:Main Fabric:95% Polyamid,5% Elastan / Lining:100% Polyester / Membrane:100% Polyurethane
Safety features:Reflective material,Reflective material on the back,Reflective material on the front
Outside pockets:2
Width adjustment:Hip,Leg end
Connection zipper:Short connection zipper on the back
Features:Breathable,Inserts of stretch material,Reflective material,Waterproof,Windproof
Belt loops available?:No
Gore-Tex membrane?:No
Delivery contents:1 Piece
Delivery comment:The jacket is not included

BMW Motorcycle Pants StreetGuard 2018 for Men
Windproof, waterproof and breathable - the all-rounder with individually removable and removable trouser insert offers all weather forehead. The highly reliable 3-layer laminate with ProtectionGuard and the removable NP2 protectors provide the necessary security.


Professional motorcycle pants for the whole year
Highly abrasion-resistant, elastic 3-layer laminate (95% CORDURA and 5% elastane)
Falls prone to falls, double protected with ProtectionGuard
Removable NP2 protectors on hips and knees (3-way height-adjustable)
Coccyx protector can be retrofitted
Windproof, waterproof and highly breathable thanks to BMW Climate Membrane
Removable trouser thermo insert with excellent heat storage properties, also individually wearable, with waist width adjustment
Effective ventilation zips
Water repellent trouser pockets
reflective print
Connection zip: all around / 40 cm
Comfort Fit
StreetGuard suit - all-year-round touring specialist that meets the highest standards.
The innovative StreetGuard suit is a BMW Motorrad product designed that is for all weathers and perfect for every tour. This high-performance touring suit for ladies and men comes in a fresh look for the 2018 season.

The new, striking colour scheme gives the StreetGuard suit a supremely impressive appearance. Blue dominates the jacket, providing a powerful contrast with the deep black trousers. Technical highlights include a ventilation system and a triple-layer laminate made of high-strength CORDURA. It ensures excellent abrasion resistance - an enormous bonus for additional safety. The StreetGuard suit can be used in temperatures ranging from freezing to midsummer heat. This impressive versatility is achieved by a combination of numerous components that provide the rider with a cooling effect, warmth or protection from wind and rain, depending on the weather conditions.

The many smart details of the StreetGuard suit include such elements as a removable, waterproof storm collar with integrated hood. Worn under the helmet in the rain, it ensures that the sensitive neck area is “sealed” by preventing water from getting into the suit through the collar. The touring suit also offers excellent protection from the airstream due to a thermal inner jacket and thermal trouser insert. Both components are windproof and breathable, as well as featuring additional Thinsulate padding for outstanding heat storage qualities. Incidentally, the thermal inner jacket can also be worn separately - with a trendy Softshell finish for a cool, sporty look.

The basis for the attribute “high-performance” is always the material. For this reason, BMW Motorrad applies nothing but the very highest standards to the StreetGuard suit as well as using exclusively developed features - including the BMW Climate Membrane integrated in a triple-layer laminate and produced according to the rigorous C.A.R.E. standards. This membrane combines a high water column with top-class breathability. Areas that are at particular risk in the event of a fall feature additional protection with a special trim: ProtectionGuard, a high-strength technical textile developed especially for the StreetGuard suit. This material combines the advantages of leather with the care properties of a technical textile, while its refined look underscores the high quality of this new suit.

The StreetGuard suit is fitted with NP2 protectors. These provide optimum protection for back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees as well as being removable and height-adjustable to three levels at the knees. One remarkable feature is the back protector: it is regarded as the best in its class. Another protector can be optionally retrofitted at the coccyx. NP2 protectors made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam - developed exclusively for BMW Motorrad, incidentally - combine extremely good impact absorption with pleasant wear comfort.

The ventilation concept of the StreetGuard suit was developed in the BMW wind tunnel. Ventilation zips at the rear and front of the jacket as well as at the thighs ensure effective climate control as well as very simple handling. In warm temperatures, a comprehensive system of air throughflow prevents any accumulation of heat. By the same token, the windproof wristbands of the removable inner jacket keep out unwanted draught air on cold days. The StreetGuard suit ensures optimum safety not just for riders but also their valuables. The jacket has two highly water-repellent outer pockets plus a waterproof pocket under the jacket’s labyrinth closure and three inner pockets, including one elaborately configured multimedia compartment. The trousers have two water-repellent pockets.

The StreetGuard suit is available in comfort fit with distinctive styling for ladies and men. The ladies’ version has a zip on/off waistlet with fleece trim. The men’s suit offers a zip on/off overalls bib with laterally integrated stretch zones and adjustable braces. For continuously variable width adjustment, both versions of the trousers have an elasticated velcro fastener at the waist, with a zip plus velcro fastener at the leg ends. The connecting zip between the jacket and trousers is available in the sizes “all-round” and 40 centimetres. More than 150 cm2 of reflective material on the jacket and trousers ensure good visibility.


【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---

【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---


BMW ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード)
BMWビーエムダブリュー ライディングパンツ  パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード)。BMW ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード)



【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---

10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 20:00 (土曜は18:00まで / 休診日: 日曜・祝日)

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【超特価SALE開催!】 BMW BMW パンツ ビーエムダブリュー パンツ StreetGuard (ストリートガード), Sugawara Ltd:4dc8e6bc ---

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